Crystals (1968) | filmed through the microscope by Herbert Loebel | music by Michael Lloyd | edited by Ken Rudolph | produced by David Adams

Crystals creep and collide under the microscope to an insanely spacey score by Michael Lloyd (previously featured in our Pyramid sounds mix). Another sadly faded print, nevertheless pretty mind-blowing.

Some of you may have been fortunate enough to attend the retrospective of Carroll Ballard’s short films at this year’s Telluride Film Festival, which included a digital restoration of his 1975 masterpiece of crystallographic microphotography Crystallization (synth music by Phil Bishop included in the mix one post down). Hard to believe but safe to say, Crystallization is even more mind-blowing than Crystals. Let’s hope that both of these films are more widely accessible in restored versions someday soon.


I•H•T•F mix no. 3: Crystallization

Another lo-fi mix of 16mm film and analog video rips, including a somewhat obscure Laurie Spiegel track.

0.00 The end / Carl Stone (film by Adam Beckett, 1974)

0.40 Concrete poetry / Stan Mitchell (film by Michael Warshaw, 1968)

2.46 Point Lobos State Reserve / Warner Jepson (video by William Gwin, 1973)

4.31 Crystallization / Phil Bishop (film by Carroll Ballard, 1975)

9.14 Solo / Cinesound (music scoring); Rick Henn, Dr. Robert Gross (original composition) (film by Mike Hoover, 1972)

10.32 [Synopsis demo] / (video by Denise Gallant, ca. 1981-83)

13.44 [Cinemagraphics test film] (1971)

14.42 Leaving the 20th century / Max Almy, Gregory Jones (video by Almy, 1982)

18:53 Point / Laurie Spiegel (film by David Ehrlich, 1984)

21.44 Circle X / Parasound (Beaver & Krause) (from Jump rope by Robert Primes, 1971)


Meditation crystallized: Lama Govinda on Tibetan art (excerpt) | Elda Hartley (1973)

If, during meditation, your inner mind’s eye sees visions similar to this film clip, you’re doing it right.


Play is the work of young children: conversations with Miss Leonore Wilson on the teaching of fives (excerpt) |  [Karen] Crommie & [David] Crommie (1974)

Three weeks after filming, these Nueva Day School kindergarteners were knocked out in the first round of Battle of the Bands, under 6 division, by visiting Heslington Primary School. NDS drummer Bob once again refused to perform halfway through the song, sealing their downfall. Heslington eventually reached the finals of the competition where they faced a small ensemble of German upstarts studying under the tutelage of Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann. And you know what they say about Battle of the Bands: 22 bands make noises for 90 minutes and at the end,  the Germans always win.


Still life (etude-1) title sequence | Hiroshima University Electric Machinery Laboratory (1984, Japan)


Rede Globo ident (Brazil, 1984)


Fantastico | TV Globo (Brazil, 1984, happier times)

Pyramid Films catalog, 1983 (front cover)

Pyramid Films catalog, 1983 (front cover)


Forbidden Planet Radio episode 42

Forbidden Planet label honcho Jurg Haller, who shares our passion for experimental and electronic soundtrack oddities, invited us to create a mix for his radio show. After many months of obsessive youtube binging and compulsive track re-editing, we finally came up with this….


01. Yuri Bogdanov, Vladimir Martynov - Я Молод И Радостен / Io mi son giovinetta (composed by Claudio Monteverdi)

02. John Maus - Love Letters from Hell

03. PRE-Be-UN - Coral Carol

04. The Focus Group - Activity and Scales

05. Bernard Parmegiani - L’Écran transparent (film clip, 1973)

06. Vijay Raghav Rao - Through the Eyes of a Painter (film by M.F. Hussain, 1967)

07. ‘Ave You Got a Male Assistant Please Miss? (film by David Rosler, 1973)

08. Delia Derbyshire - Physical Science title sequence (BBC TV, 1975)

09. I Marc 4 - Berkey ‘70 (from Badou Boy / film by Djibril Diop Mambety, 1970)

10. Joji Yuasa - For the Damaged Right Eye (film by Toshio Matsumoto, 1968)

11. Alain Clavier - Metadata (film by Peter Foldes, 1971)

12. Luciano Berio C’è musica e musica (film clip, 1972)

13. Steina and Woody Vasulka - Decay I (video clip, 1970)

14. Plastic Moonrise - Masts of Our Ship

15. Djimbo Kouyaté - Contras’ City (film by Djibril Diop Mambety, 1969)

16. Vibeke Sorensen, Tom DeWitt - Voyage (video by Dean Winkler, Tom DeWitt, Vibeke Sorensen, and Robert Lund, 1981)

17. Beaver & Krause - Peace Three

18. Sculpture - Hackle Scam Populator

19. Yosuke Inagaki - Thunder (film by Takashi Ito, 1982)

20. Mimi Shevitz - Spiral 5 PTL (video by Tom DeFanti, Dan Sandin, Mimi Shevitz, 1981)

21. Luciano Berio C’è musica e musica (film clip, 1972)

22. Edgar Froese - NGC 891 (from Lanzarote tourism video, 1980s)

23. Frans Zwartjes - Behind Your Walls (film clip, 1970)

24. Hood - Damage Limitation Exercise/We Can Fade Away with the Best of Them

25. Toru Takemitsu, Akio Yashiro - Nanami: The Inferno of First Love (film by Susumu Hani, 1968)

26. Jonas Mekas - Imperfect Film (film clip, 2006)

27. Kathy Rose, Carter Thomas - Mirror People (film by Kathy Rose, 1974)

28. Rip Rig + Panic - Howl! Caged Bird

29. David Munrow - La course en tête (film by Joël Santoni, 1974)

Artwork: OM Ungers

All the films and videos referenced in the tracklist can be found and viewed online if you take the trouble to look.

Forbidden Planet have released four immense 12” records to date, all testaments to Jurg’s impeccable taste, all featuring sick album art by Paul Gondry.

D’Marc Cantu [FP001]

Breaker 1 2 [FP002]

Boreal & Lnrdcroy [FP003]

Mono Junk [FP004]

Peep game.